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Gold Assaying

Gold assaying is essential in determining the amount of gold in a mineral deposit. the process involves bringing a rock sample, most often a core obtained through drilling, to a laboratory where it is examined by experts.

Buy & Sell Gold

We are a Ghanaian Gold Dealer located at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra. We Buy & Sell gold bars from all mints and of all sizes and purity.

Passenger Aircraft Charter

Water transportation is the intentional movement by water over large distances. Methods of transportation fall into three categories.

Gold Transport

Land transport or land transportation, also referred to as ground transport or ground transportation

Gold Export

We are strategically located to offer a complete professional and efficient service throughout all major global trade routes.

Cargo Aircraft Charter

Whether you need to move a substantial amount of cargo in a hurry or you need a quick way to ship your cargo from point A to point B. SSL-Ghana’s Cargo Charter is the best solution for you.


Special Services

Globally known for our ability to handle every last detail of our customers’ particular logistics and forwarding needs, Stelna Solution Limited’s team takes care of all your logistics.

sea freight

we are strategically located to offer a complete professional and efficient service throughout all major global trade routes. Our staff are fully knowledgeable in every aspect of deep sea logistics both for imports and exports with a wide range of worldwide departures transit options and the ability to provide space during peak periods all year round. We at SSL Ghana pride ourselves in being able to offer

air freight

moving your cargo by air with SSL Ghana Ltd doesn’t have to be as daunting and costly as you may think. We can offer a variety of specifically tailored airfreight packages to suit your requirements and needs in order to keep your goods moving with optimal efficiency through our complete supply chain. With contracts with major airlines and wholesalers, we pride ourselves with high negotiating power.

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Stelna solutions limited (SSL) is a total logistics service provider in Ghana and the entire west African sub-region. We specialize in Buying, Assaying, Selling and Export of Gold. Subsequently, we provide Passenger & Cargo Charter Services as well as all other freight  and Logistics Services.

Located at the heart of the Kotoka international airport, SSL Ghana operates from a fully equipped modern freight handling facility with warehouse handling and storage offering import and export cargo services by air-freight, sea-freight, road-freight along with highly experienced customs clearance brokers enabling us to custom clear your shipments quickly and efficiently through the most complex of customs procedure.


Gold is a soft, yellow metal. Like all other metals, gold is also highly malleable and ductile. Moreover, gold is able to conduct both electricity and heat rather easily. The atomic number of gold is 79, and its elemental abbreviation is Au, from the Latin ‘aurum‘ meaning ‘shining dawn’. Gold has an extremely high density at 19.3 g per cubic centimeter, slightly greater than lead.

Ghana’s mining industry contribution was a catapult for the impressive 14.4% GDP growth the economy amassed in 2011. According to the Gold Fields Mineral Survey, Ghana was the 9th leading producer of gold in the World and the 2nd in Africa despite the 2% decrease in production from 92 tons in 2010 to 91 tons in 2011. According to data from the Bank of Ghana, the mining industry’s contribution to total mechanized export was about 40% in 2011 (Ghana Chamber of Mines, 2011). Ghana’s mineral capability and the country’s involvement to global minerals output, especially gold is well recognized. The country was one time, a leading producer of gold in the world and accounted for about 35.5 % of total world gold output between 1493 and 1600.

Procedures for export of Gold by licensed Gold exporters

The following procedures shall govern the exportation of Gold by Licensed Gold Exporters (LGE) other than the holders of mining leases. These measures shall be in force until substituted by other procedures that may subsequently be prescribed.

  1. A Licensed Gold Exporter (LGE) who intends to export Gold shall inform the Precious Minerals Marketing Company Limited (PMMC) in writing of its export plans at least two (2) working days before the planned weekly export.
  2. The LGE shall submit the gold dore to be assayed by PMMC at a designated assay center, together with all declaration documents; Packing List and Invoice.
  3. The PMMC shall determine the gold content of the gold dore presented by the LGE using the appropriate assay method as agreed by the LGEs, Minerals Commission and the PMMC.
  4. The PMMC shall prepare a report of the analysis of the gold dore presented by the LGE and issue copies instantly to the Bank of Ghana (BOG), the Ghana Revenue Authority Custom Officer stationed at the Assay Center and the Minerals Commission.
  5. The PMMC shall invoice the LGE in respect of the assay at the agreed rate of 0.176% of the value of gold assayed and the LGE shall pay same to PMMC. The payment of this fee is without prejudice to any fee that may be charged by the Minerals Commission.
  6. All Gold Buying Agents of the PMMC, prior to this publication, may continue to use their permits until the expiry of the present term of the permit and same shall not be renewed by the PMMC upon expiry. All such Gold Buying Agents should immediately contact the Minerals Commission for further directions to obtain permits for buying gold shall apply to the Minerals Commission.
  7. The GRA Customs Official at the Assay Center shall inspect and supervise the sealing of the assayed gold dore with the Customs Division’s seal and endorse the Customs Declaration Form. The sealing of the assaying gold dore by the Customs Official of the assaying Center who shall also affix the seal of the PMMC Assay Center at the same time.
  8. The LGE shall complete the required documentation at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) before exporting the assayed gold.
  9. Under no condition shall gold be exported by LGE without the seals of the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority and the Government designated laboratory i.e. PMMC and accompanied with full documentation.
  10. All LGEs shall submit monthly returns to Minerals Commission in accordance with the terms and conditions of their lincense agreements.

Source: Issued by the authority of the Minerals Commission. July 14, 2016


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Beware of Fraudsters!

It has come to our notice that a domain has been registered as ssl-ghana.com. Please take notice that we’re by no means associated or affiliated with such domain and it’s a total fraud. Subsequently, they copied our page outlook and are using it on that website. Please refrain from any business transactions with such fraudsters.There are plenty of fraudsters, trying to extract money from you by pretending to come from Stelna Solutions Limited. Please be aware of this – and do pass this message on to your colleagues!

Their methods:

  • Fraudsters telephone or e-mail airlines, presenting fake SSL-Ghana invoices. They often claim that our bank accounts have changed and try to persuade airlines to make payments to false accounts.
  • A common trick is to send e-mails with a false address – such as www.ssl-ghana.com, ssl-ghana.eu, ssl-ghana.gh

These addresses are easy to spot because of the misspelling. But the fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated and they also send fake ssl-ghana.com invoices.

If you receive a business proposal from any companies with a domain name similar to sslghana.org or if you have any doubts about deals planned with our company, please contact us immediately using the contact details below.

If you are the victim of fraud, please report the crime to the security services in line with Ghanaian legislation.

SSL-Ghana highly recommends that you ignore any suspicious business proposals. On no account should you transfer any money.

We collect information about fraudulent schemes in order to ensure the security of our potential counter parties. Please let us know if you are exposed to any attempts of fraud.

Examine business proposals carefully and do not transfer money to anyone.

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We challenged to complete the project in just over five months. This was an incredible fast track schedule, given that retrofits of this scale, as we were told by our own advisors

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