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Due Diligence i the Mineral Supply Chain

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Company Information

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Due Diligence i the Mineral Supply Chain

Does your company have a strong management system?

Do you have company policy?

If yes does your policy comply with VECD guidlines for responsible supply chains of minerals from conflict affected and high-risk areas?

Do you have contracts and agreements with other suppliers?

Do you have a designed and implementation strategy to respond to identified risks

If yes please provide details regarding your procedures Does your company carry out third-party audit of supply chain due diligence?

Do you have the company policy on your website?

If No please provide us with a copy of your company's policy

Declaration Sources of Gold, and Funds

We/I the undersigned do hereby warrant under the penalty of perjury that the funds/Gold to be delivered to Stelna Solutions Limited-Ghana have been procured, sourced, secured through legal means and or investment channels. We/I further attest that such Gold/funds have been purchased or sourced from legitimate investment sources not involved or related to conflict funding, illicit gains from narcotic and or drug-related businesses, including human right violations neither from profits accrued in contravention of any laid down international laws including money laundering. We/I sate here to the best of my/our knowledge that the undersigned hereby guarantee that the source of funds have been properly sourced from legal and legitimate means to be used in the trading with Stelna Solutions Limited.

For Stelna Solutions Limited Use Only (Compliance Department)

Have all requirements been fulfilled?

Compliance Department

Have all requirements been fulfilled?

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