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Beware of Fraudsters!

It has come to our notice that a domain has been registered as ssl-ghana.com. Please take notice that we’re by no means associated or affiliated with such domain and it’s a total fraud. Subsequently, they copied our page outlook and are using it on that website. Please refrain from any business transactions with such fraudsters.There are plenty of fraudsters, trying to extract money from you by pretending to come from Stelna Solutions Limited. Please be aware of this – and do pass this message on to your colleagues!

Their methods:

Fraudsters telephone or e-mail airlines, presenting fake SSL-Ghana invoices. They often claim that our bank accounts have changed and try to persuade airlines to make payments to false accounts.

A common trick is to send e-mails with a false address – such as www.ssl-ghana.com, ssl-ghana.eu, ssl-ghana.gh

These addresses are easy to spot because of the misspelling. But the fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated and they also send fake ssl-ghana.com invoices.

If you receive a business proposal from any companies with a domain name similar to sslghana.org or if you have any doubts about deals planned with our company, please contact us immediately using the contact details below.

If you are the victim of fraud, please report the crime to the security services in line with Ghanaian legislation.

SSL-Ghana highly recommends that you ignore any suspicious business proposals. On no account should you transfer any money.

We collect information about fraudulent schemes in order to ensure the security of our potential counter parties. Please let us know if you are exposed to any attempts of fraud.

Examine business proposals carefully and do not transfer money to anyone.

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